The coronavirus pandemic is far from behind us, but it has already crippled economies and forced governments to shut down. People are literally begging on the street; many of them do not have a job to go back to because of the closure of some big businesses. Many have been furloughed and an even bigger number will face an enormous economic downturn after lockdowns and quarantines are lifted. In short, the whole business scenario is a mess, so why should you worried about using Lakeland marketing services? There’s nowhere to go but up, right?

If you’re starting your business in the middle of a pandemic, then props to you. It takes a special kind of entrepreneur to muster the gall to start a business during an economic recession. But it can also be the biggest opportunity marketing-wise. Sure, you cannot market to your audience the traditional way, but you can reach out to them through the internet, a more effective and affordable avenue.

Build an eCommerce Site

Since you cannot market to your audience outside your home and in your actual brick-and-mortar store, go for the next best thing. Build an online store. It doesn’t take a genius to build one. You need to hire someone to do this for you, which means money, of course. But the opportunities that will open up to you are endless.

Offer Deliveries

Offer inexpensive deliveries to online shoppers. Most of the people are going to be quarantined at home. Or, they’re going to avoid going to the store as much as possible. Offer to deliver your products free to nearby areas and for a minimum fee to areas outside your immediate location. Don’t profit from the delivery service. Focus on getting as many orders for your products as you can. Once the pandemic is over, people are going to flock to your store. That’s the end goal.

Add Scheduling Features

Add a variety of features to your website, including an online scheduling tool. If you’re offering services, make booking with you easier for your customers. Add a tool or widget that will set appointments online. This means your customers won’t have to call you anymore to set up a consultation. This saves time and money for both of you.

Schedule Webinars

Because you cannot do face-to-face presentations right now, you can offer webinars in place. With kind of Lakeland marketing services, you’re basically facing your laptop and talking to a virtual audience. Anyone invited to the webinar can view the video. That’s the beauty of it, You’re selling your business to a lot more people than you have access to if you do this the old-fashioned way.