Marketers know too well the effect on people if they missed out on an event, a sale, or a product. People, especially in this digital age, want to be always on top of things. They want to experience everything. They want everything they see on social media. This is where the fear of missing out (FOMO) technique comes from. Marketers use this effectively. But can it also work in Orlando web design?

Your website should have a design that not only people want to see, but will also make people want to experience what your brand can offer. When you think about Apple’s physical store and its website, you will notice the similarities between the two. They use the same clean and crisp black-and-white theme. They have clean lines that make it easy for anyone to just go straight to the point.


The best use of FOMO in Orlando web design is in the call-to-action. You have come across this when you shop online, especially during sales and holidays. Retailers will call on you to act unless you want to miss out on the sale. Phrases like “Buy Now! Sale Ends on Sunday!” is a popular catchphrase among retailers on social media. The phrase “Buy Now Until Supplies Last” might also be familiar to you.

What these phrases try to tell you is that you have a limited time to avail of the products or services. If you don’t, you miss out on a great promotion. Web designers use the FOMO technique all the time in combination with their CTA strategy.

On Exclusive Perks

Another use of FOMO on websites is by offering exclusive perks. Some websites issue passwords to their loyal customers, so they can get exclusive features on the site. They can get access to some product launches earlier than the rest of the market. They can also have dibs on special prices and introductory prices. People who want to buy but did not receive the code will wonder what they need to do to be a part of the exclusive group.

Why is the FOMO technique such an effective technique to convince consumers to buy now and not wait later? It’s the age of social media. If you don’t keep up with the trends, you will get completely lost. Even as a consumer or a business, you have to learn what drives customers to follow a brand, go to a store, buy from the store or the online shop.