Marketing on the internet is all about using the right SEO keywords. Your website and business cannot survive without using SEO. Your YouTube videos will fail to rank higher if they don’t use the right keywords in their titles, meta descriptions, captions, and video file names. SEO is embedded into the fabric of internet marketing. We cannot market or advertise on the internet without focusing and finding the right keywords or key phrases first.

Here are some tips on how to research and utilize SEO keywords for your website and videos:

Use Google

Google is filled to the brim with information on what keywords work and what does not. If you only need a couple of keywords in your content marketing, you can simply visit Google and type in a word that correlates to what you are writing about or to your brand or product. For example, you are selling washable diapers for babies. You can find related keywords for your business by typing the term “washable diapers” on Google. You will then receive a ton of suggestions ranging from “washable diapers” + location, “washable diapers” + Amazon, “washable diapers” near me, etc.

You may also be surprised to know that in internet lingo, washable diapers are called cloth diapers and there are many varieties of this type of diapers for babies. There are adjustable diapers. There are diapers made of microfiber and bamboo. There are diapers with inserts. There are diapers simply used to cover disposable ones. You can use all of these keywords and their varieties in your content so anyone searching for a specific term can come across your website.

Visit keyword generator sites

There are a lot of keyword research tools available on the internet. Some come as free while some require payments. You can visit any of the free websites and start searching for keywords related to your product or brand. What you must do before visiting these sites is to list down all the words that relate to what you are selling and type each one. The tool should come up with a variety of keywords and key phrases for one single word you enter.

You can use these generated keywords and key phrases in all aspects of your marketing content—from the title of the blog post to the body of the article to the description of the video to its caption and content. You can also use your main keyword to name the photo or video files used in your website.