If Lakeland SEO is going to list down all the things it abhors about content marketing, plagiarized or duplicated content is going on top of the list. If your website has plagiarized content, trust that you won’t only suffer the consequences of copyright infringement but your website will also fall to the bottom of SEO ranking. Google hates content that has been duplicated and it will easily remove your pages from the search index when it detects plagiarized content on your website.

Research, research, research

There is only one thing you need to do to prevent plagiarized content: research. When you do good research, the probability of you duplicating content would be slim to none. A better understanding of the topic will give you a new perspective that you won’t have to copy someone else’s work.

There is nothing wrong with citing sources and basing your own thoughts on what someone else wrote. What’s wrong is completely copying the words, phrases, paragraphs, and the whole article. That’s just plain lazy.

Hire a good writer

A good writer knows how to use the materials he finds on the web for the good of his own, original article. He doesn’t need to copy the words because he can explain the concepts, too… maybe even better than the original article. He is confident of his ability to write content that’s well researched and is SEO-friendly. Find a good content writer and you won’t have to worry about duplicated content ever again.

Use a plagiarism checker

There are a lot of plagiarism tools on the internet that you can use for free. All you have to do is paste the text and the tool will check for any plagiarized content. Sometimes, the tool can be ultra-sensitive and common phrases are tagged as plagiarized when it’s really not.

That’s why there is a room for error in terms of plagiarized content. You can aim for 80% original content and Google would still consider your article viable.

Learn the art of paraphrasing

Paraphrasing is expressing the meaning of an article or an interview using different words to achieve clarity. When there is a good point you want to include in your content for Lakeland SEO, you can use paraphrasing so it won’t come off as duplicated or plagiarized. Paraphrasing is a good way to use the content from an original source without necessarily copying the post word per word.