During the planning stage of the Tampa web design, you will gather all the information you need to complete the elements needed to make your site a success. This is a critical stage of the launching of a website because this is when you decide what features and elements the website will have now and in the future. Research and planning will go a long way to clarifying the objectives of your website.

Review or Create an SEO Strategy

The designer will consult with the clients regarding the keywords and key phrases to be used for the website. What are the words relevant to the business? It is part of the job of a designer to understand how the SEO strategy will be implemented as well since this is an important part of the creation of the website.

As the business owner, you need to learn how to plan the keywords and phrases you will use for your site’s content. You can create a spreadsheet of words and phrases, as well as audit the existing content so they can be more SEO-focused. The latter might be trickier to manage since these are already published versions.

Create the Website Sitemap

The sitemap is an outline of the structure of your website. Basically, search engines such as Google use the sitemap to navigate and index your web pages. You need to plan the sitemap before you decide on the design of the website. Why? Doing so will make the website navigation more efficient and you will also get an idea of what content you need to fill up the pages of your website.

What should be in the sitemap? Aside from your homepage and inside pages, you also need the about us page, contact us page, and any additional keyword/keyphrase pages.

Produce and Develop Content

The last part of the Tampa web design planning stage is an in-depth review of the content. You should plan what content to publish on your website. If there is existing content, make an audit of that so as not to duplicate what is already there. You can also remove content with broken links because these will hurt the page more than rank it.

If you are launching a new site, make sure to have all the important web pages. Also, you can hire a specific writer to produce content for your website. Put deadlines on the content creation, so that you can follow the schedule accordingly.