Being a new Tampa web design client can be an intimidating thing. However, if this is a decision that you have made, then you are probably already aware of the importance of having a professional web design done for your company. One of the most basic steps to being a new web design client is being onboarded by the company so that they have the information that they need to create the best website design that they can for you and your needs. To help ease your fears, read on to learn more about how a Tampa web design company onboards a new client.

Add you to their project management tools

Once the web design project is underway, you will want to be kept in the loop regarding the progress of the design project. This is done by adding you, the client, to whatever project management software they use. Some companies use Basecamp, while others use Trello. It depends on what software the company is most comfortable with. Usually, the web design company will have someone guide you through the process of familiarizing you with the features of this.

Schedule a call with the point of contact

Once you have been settled in, your web design company will usually schedule a call or a meeting with your main point of contact. The main point of contact could be the owner of the company, or simply someone that they trust enough to represent the company and make the decisions for the benefit of the business. This meeting is needed for the two parties to get to know each other and to set the expectations of the project from both ends.

Get your basic information

Most Tampa web design companies provide a questionnaire for their clients to gather the basic information that they need to kickstart the beginning of the project. Some of the information that they may require from you are some samples of other competitor’s websites that you like the look of, the logo of your company, as well as other brand assets and elements that need to be included in your website design.

Discuss the main points of the project

Finally, once they are ready to go, they will need to discuss the main points of the project, including the methods of communication, their frequency of updates, the project milestones, target audience, as well as what your goals and objectives for your website are. All of this information is needed to make sure that your web design project kicks off to a great start.