Do you want to understand what a web visitor looks for the moment he lands on your homepage? He needs to find out who you are and what you offer. Within five seconds of landing on your homepage, a visitor should be able to tell what you’re selling and what you do as a company. Here’s a bigger clincher: that all depends on how well-designed your Lakeland web design is.

So many web designers make the mistake of focusing on the design and content of the website. They fail to see that most successful websites feed into the experience of the web user. Excelling in design alone doesn’t cut it for a website. Instead, the website should complement the user’s experience with functionality, design, and content. Everything is interconnected.

A good way to start designing your website or think about what’s amiss is to map out your buyer’s or visitor’s journey on your site. What do they do the moment your homepage loads? Where do they look? What do they hope to find? If your website has a high bounce rate, what’s pushing your customers away?

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Start by seeing your website the way your customers see it. Open it with a fresh set of eyes, one that’s unhindered by the subjectivity of owning the business. What do you love about your homepage? Write those down. But most importantly, what do you have about your homepage? Are the colors hurting your eyes? Are the fonts too small? Is the layout overreaching?

Once you’ve written down your negative impressions of the homepage, ask yourself this question: Are these reasons enough for me to leave the website and not look further from the homepage? If the answer is yes, you found a reason for the high bounce rate. If the answer is no, then turn back to your screen and look around the homepage. Treat it as you would other websites.

If you want to purchase something, where would you go next? The online store should be easy to find and navigate. Once you’ve arrived at the online store, how do you search for the items you want? When you’re on the product page, what do you want to read about? What are the details that you need on that page? Do you need reviews and testimonials? Product description and specification?

Write down all the things you want as a buyer. The next step would be to find out how your target market wants to pay for their purchases. Do they want to sign up for a membership or do they want the option to check out the items as a guest? What payment modes do they prefer? Debit cards? Credit cards? PayPal? Bitcoin?

Your understanding of the buyer’s journey will put you in a good position to create a Lakeland web design that will contribute to your business’ success.