Five years ago, who would’ve thought that Zoom would take over the video conferencing market? It used to be just Skype on that of that tier. But since the pandemic, we’ve been using Zoom to present Lakeland marketing strategies to our team members and clients as well.

Leave the Chair

Don’t be chained to your chair. Stand and present your marketing strategy as if you are in the boardroom. Standing gives you the confidence you need to push for what you are presenting. Even your clients and colleagues will sit a little bit straighter upon seeing how active you are.

Be a Master of Your Message

Screen-sharing is nice, but not if you just read out what was written there. Let the Powerpoint presentation be your guide, but don’t depend on it. Have some quips of your own. Speak what’s in your mind. Your Powerpoint should be a guide. At most, it should have the five important points of your message there. No way should it take the place of you being the presenter.

Practice It

You definitely know when you are scheduled to present the Lakeland marketing strategy. Practice beforehand. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t see yourself presenting the strategy to the clients or the team members. Notice how your voice tends to get a bit flat? Change it just in time for the scheduled presentation. Remember that you are already not doing this face-to-face. This is the best chance for you not to blunder your presentations because you have more time in your hands to practice, practice, practice.

Exercise Before Presenting

Admittedly, presenting can be a bit nerve-wracking for some. Why don’t you take a breather before a presentation? Don’t rush into it. Instead, about 30 minutes before you have to present, just open the window and enjoy the scenery of your neighborhood. It will put your mind at ease. Simple things like doing voice exercises will help you prepare better for it, too.

Be Energetic

Try to put a little bit of extra energy into your step. It’s bad enough that you have to do these things before a laptop, so why don’t you put more effort into making it fun, interesting, and entertaining? You don’t have to tell jokes. That’s not what it meant, of course. However, it will help if you can find it in you to inject adrenaline in all the presentations you make online.

These days are especially hard for everyone but continue to put pride in your work. When you do that, presenting Lakeland marketing strategies virtually be easier.