Technically, web designers and web developers know how to make a Lakeland web design easy to navigate. They know the essential elements that should remain and they know which components can go for a more streamlined process. And yet, many websites still fail at providing a seamless navigational experience for website visitors.

Want to know why and what they can do to turn things around?

Ask Around

Ask what your friends, families, relatives, and co-workers think about your website. Or better yet, ask their opinions about what makes a website easy to navigate for them. Is it the hamburger menu? Do they like having sliding images on the homepage? How about a one-page layout? You first need to determine how others use your website—how they navigate it from Point A (homepage) to Point Z (checkout).

Before you launch your website, show it to friends whose opinions you trust. Ask whether they found it easy to navigate the site and whether they were able to find the information that they are seeking.

Check Your Competition

How is your competition doing it? How did they design their websites? Do they have a lot of visitors? What is their bounce rate? If you are going to compare your website to a competitor’s site, you better make sure that the parameters are the same. You can’t compare your site to a site that’s been online for years (unless they’ll tell you how they fare a decade ago).

Check your contemporaries and see what they are doing right with their Lakeland web design. Read reviews and recommendations on the internet about the user-friendliness of your website. Is your market finding it hard to find information on your website? If so, what can you do about it and what are your competitors doing about it?

Think From A Different Perspective

The best thing to create a Lakeland web design that’s easy on the eyes and easy to navigate is to see it from the perspective of the market you wish to target. For example, you’re targeting the Millennial generation. Get to know this audience. Who are they? What do they do? What kind of sites do they visit regularly? You need a grasp of their browsing activities because that will give you an idea of how to design the navigation of your website.

Put yourself in their shoes. How would you like to navigate a website? What are you going to expect from a site? How easy do you want to find information?