There are plenty of small things that you can do to improve the user interface of your Lakeland web design. And you should pay special attention to these things because they can make or break your website. If you want your site to grow and succeed, you should look at your user interface and what kind of experience it can provide your web visitors.

Padded Block Links

The words on your menu are clickable, right? They will take your web visitors to the appropriate landing pages. The contact us page, for example, should take them to a page where you detailed your contact numbers, email addresses, and inquiry forms. Most websites will have only the words as the clickable area. You can convert these links into a block element so there will be more space for the web users to click. The larger the clickable area is, the less chance web users have of missing it.

Balancing Typesetting Buttons

When you label the buttons, some of the words will look off because the lowercase letters have been used as a guide. These buttons should use the uppercase height as the guide, so they will be set in the middle of the button. It has a more balanced feel that is important to the user interface.

Using Contrast

You don’t have to use different colors on your website to bring the focus to other elements. All you have to do is use a different shade of the color black, as well as change the size of the fonts. That way, your headline will command more focus while your subheadings and bylines will require less attention.

Making Use of Whitespace Smartly

Whitespace makes your text more readable. Subheadings are placed closer to the text they are related to, for example. The main text will be farther from the sidebars to emphasize how they differ in context. Whitespace also gives the site more room to breathe. It’s important for web users because they can easily feel tired from reading long blog posts.

Integrating Hover Controls

Why can’t controls be on the page the whole time? Because sometimes, they waste copious amounts of space. You can integrate hover controls on your Lakeland web design instead. Hover controls hover over the post or the page, so you can click on them only when you need to.

These tips will make your website easier to navigate and use. Make sure to check whether your website has these integrated because they will contribute to driving more traffic to your site.