There is no denying that there are plenty of perks to being a freelance or work from home Lakeland website design professional. You get to choose the projects that you work on and you also get to choose the hours that you work, which opens a lot of doors for you to accommodate other things in your life while still being employed.

However, one of the biggest issues that freelancers face is the fact that it is so easy to procrastinate when working from home. For many first-time freelancers, they are overwhelmed with how much time they have to get everything done to the point that they get nothing done at all.

Procrastination has caused the downfall of many a Lakeland website design project, but as long as you know how to counter it, you can overcome this. Learn how to handle and overcome procrastination here.

Designate a space purely for work

If you’re working from home, it can be easy to feel relaxed not feel like working, because well, it’s home. The thing is, your mind has associated home with feelings of relaxation, which can make it hard to get into work mode.

The best way to counter this is by designating a separate space, whether it’s a corner with a desk or an entire room, for your work. This helps put your mind into work mode when you sit down at your workspace because that specific spot is for work, and work only.

Set a schedule for yourself

It’s easy to be complacent with the number of hours that you have in a day when you work from home. After all, you don’t have to worry about commute or in-office meetings, so you have all the time in the world. This is a large reason why it is so easy to end up procrastinating.

The best way to deal with this is by setting a schedule for yourself to follow, down to the breaks that you’re going to take. Adhering to a schedule helps make sure that you get all of your work done for the day, which prevents you from having to go into night-time overtime.

Put away any gadgets and other sources of distraction

One very simple reason why we get so distracted is because of how many distractions there are at home. You have unlimited internet, your phone is calling for your attention, and you have plenty of time for a couple of episodes on Netflix.

The next thing you know, it’s 6 PM and you haven’t gotten anything done for your Lakeland website design project for the day yet. To stop this from happening, put away all gadgets and other distractions while you work.

If you have an entirely separate room for work, make sure that there’s nothing in there that can cause a distraction. It also helps to install programs on your work station that stops you from accessing social media and other leisure websites during your designated work hours.