The internet itself can recommend a Lakeland web design company to you. All you have to do is enter the query on Google’s search bar and you’ll have your top answers in seconds. The problem with this is that Google is heavily influenced by advertisements. Almost all result items you see on Google have some ads component on them. It’s not purely SEO, you see.

But how can you sift through the throngs of recommendations and reviews you get from the internet, your friends in the industry, your relatives, and your social media peers?

Know What You Are Looking For

A recommendation doesn’t necessarily mean that the company is the best one for what you need. At the same time, a non-recommendation doesn’t mean one company isn’t worthy of being checked and evaluated. You need to know what you’re searching for, so you can measure the value of each recommendation. If you know what you need for your business, then you will also know what recommendation to give weight to and what doesn’t fit your goals.

Check the Credibility of the One Making the Recommendation

You may come across a very positive recommendation, a glowing one on the internet. It will make you wonder why this particular recommendation is filled with positive things about the Lakeland web design company when the other reviews are just so-so. Check who made the recommendation.

Maybe the one who recommended the company was a brand ambassador. Maybe he got the services for free? Maybe he’s a relative or a close friend? The same goes for negative comments about an agency. If a competitor is leaving the bad review, think long and hard before giving any credit to it.

Meet With the Web Designer

You will be bombarded by positive and negative reviews about a website designer. You need to sift through the noise and find what’s valuable. But if you want to get a first-hand experience of the impression that you get of a particular web design company, set a meeting with them and ask to meet with one of their web designers.

Follow Your Gut

How many times has your gut saved you from making a bad decision? If all else fails and you cannot trust the reviews you read or the recommendations you see about a Lakeland web design company, follow and trust your gut. If you are satisfied with your consultation meeting and you believe the web designer understands your vision for your website and business, then go for it. Proceed with caution, but trust that you are making the best decision for your website.