Change is the only constant, as they say, and in the world of Lakeland web design, this fact holds true now more than ever. Web design trends are regularly coming and going, and the best thing that website owners can do is try to keep up.

However, while some design trends are more or less a given, there are some trends that are a hot topic of debate within the industry. Background videos are one of those trends. Some people would say that putting a background video in your design is design suicide, while others would wholeheartedly vouch for its numerous benefits.

So who is right and who is wrong? Whether you feel like this is something you could use or not, there are plenty of people who still use background videos in their Lakeland web design. Learn to use these effectively here.

Always keep it short

One reason why some background videos don’t work for a website design is that some business owners overthink it in various ways. This is typically evident in how long they design their background videos to be. Your background video should always be short, a few seconds at most that are kept in a loop.

There are no exceptions to this, as background videos are meant to enhance your web design, not distract users from it. If you make your video too long, then it may take away from the main point of your website design and end up distracting your users from engaging with the rest of your site.

Cut the sound

Nobody wants the first thing to greet them when they open a website for the first time to be a blare of unexpected sound. This is another huge mistake that some people make with their background videos and a large part of why some people insist that background videos are ineffective. Because of this, you should cut the sound of the background video.

If your background video has dialogue in it, then this needs to be captioned. If, for some reason, your background video needs audio attached to it, it is recommended that settings be set to mute, on default. This way, users have full control over whether or not they turn on the audio on your video, without it shocking them when they open up your site for the first time.

Always keep mobile in mind

Mobile-friendliness is one of the most important things that need to be considered with Lakeland web design projects. Incorporating background videos with mobile-friendliness can be tricky, so how do websites manage it? A simple way that site owners are handling this is by making use of a placeholder image in the mobile design as opposed to using the video itself. Keep in mind that mobile users have limited data to work with, so these need to be accommodated in your design plans.