If you’re in the market for a professional website, you might find plenty of articles and advice saying that a custom web design is the way to go for your website. While a custom design is definitely a huge boost for your website, you have to recognize that there may be times when a custom design will not benefit your website at all. It’s important to recognize these because having a website built is expensive, but having a custom design done for your site is going to cost much more, and if you can’t justify the cost just to have a good looking website designed just for you, then you might end up losing quite a bit of money on the website alone. If you’re not sure if a custom web design is for you, here are some scenarios where a custom design is for you and when it might not be.

When you need a custom web design

If your website needs regular updates

If your website requires a lot of regular updates and additions to your website, then a custom design is the right choice for you. Websites like these are usually eCommerce sites, where you’re constantly adding and removing items from the website. If you need that much control over your website, a custom design is the right decision for you.

If a high volume of visitors is expected regularly

Themed or hosted websites usually have a very limited amount of server space and can only handle a limited volume of visitors at any given time. If you know for a fact that your website is going to receive a lot of traffic all the time, then you should definitely invest in a custom design, as these are more capable of handling large volumes of traffic as opposed to templated or hosted websites.

When you might not need a custom web design

If you’re just starting out

If your company is fairly new, like a few months or less than a year old, then you should probably hold off on investing a lot of money on a custom design. By this point, there’s nothing set in stone yet about your company, and you should be focusing your resources and energy on other aspects of your new business.

If you’re looking for something low maintenance

If you just need your website to handle the online portion of your business with no complicated functions like being an eCommerce platform, then a templated design is probably the right choice for you. It’s low maintenance, and it can easily handle exactly what you expect it to do with no issues.