A lot of the web design industry places an emphasis on the concept of user-first. When creating your very first website and web design, it’s important to remember that the end game is to please the users. It’s not the designer’s personal preference, or the client’s, it’s always the user. Remember, when considering user-first, it doesn’t indicate a blanket statement that refers to all users.

This means that you need to research about your targeted user base, and create your web design experience to appeal to your target audience. In design, user experience is one of the integral foundations of a successful website. User experience refers to your user’s emotional experience in regards to a website, whether it was a positive or a negative one. Learn how to create a great user first UX design that your users will love and appreciate.

Custom experience

In the world of web design today, in addition to a streamlined online experience, one of the main things that users look for is a more personalized browsing experience. Users like it when their browsing experience is tailored specifically for them. It can be something as sophisticated as a “recommended” algorithm that recommends products that fall in like with the user’s preferences, or something as simple as auto-fill when users are filling out forms on your site.


Animation is one of the more popular ways of engaging users online. Because of its fun and entertaining format, users tend to favor websites and applications that make use of animation. Site designers often make use of animation during loading screens, downtime, or other periods of time where users have to wait. In addition to this, it also adds a layer of entertainment and engagement to the users.


One of the good factors that make up a good UX web design is responsive feedback and quick response time. In an industry where users expect results right then and there, adding a factor that indicates immediate response is something that is highly appreciated by users. This is a way that helps users know that their actions have meaning. Every time they head audio or visual feedback as a result of their actions on the site, it gives them a sense of satisfaction.


Navigation is another very important aspect of a good UX web design. Minimalism is one of the most popular design trends today, as it places a significant emphasis on good content, while providing an attractive design at the same time. In addition to this, it makes the site navigation that much easier for users to maneuver through and arrive at the page that holds the information that they’re looking for.