Whether you’re a startup business or you have been in the industry long, one thing is for sure: you need a marketing team that can promote your business and make your brand recognizable. There are a lot of contradicting advice out there. Some recommend to only hire people with lots of experience. Some want you to hire those who are willing to learn. Some advise you to hire generalists who can do a little of everything while some want you to focus on hiring only a team of specialists.

Confusing, right? Here are some tips that can guide you:

There is no perfect marketing team

Look, there is nothing perfect in this world except, perhaps, the moment you give birth to your child and you see his face for the first time. But other than that little miracle of life, there is no foolproof thing in this world. Your marketing team is also not mistake-free. What you can do is focus on building the best team that can deliver your goals.

Invest in those who are willing to learn

The worst thing about people is their aversion to learning. If we do not like learning new things, then we have nothing more to offer to the world. Hire people who are dedicated to learning, which means they will keep up to date with the trends and they will continue to gain knowledge about the different methods that will make a successful marketing campaign. You can also hire people from outside your industry. A fresh pair of eyes is, sometimes, all we need.

Look for tactical and strategic teams

A tactical team will focus on the current issue on hand. A strategic team will plan ahead and will focus on the long-term goals of the business. You want to find a team that can be both, At first, a marketing team must be tactical as they are creating a strategy for your business. Eventually, they should be strategic and build a marketing campaign that will work under different circumstances.

Prioritize culture over skill

Yes, it’s always tempting to hire the most skilled marketer we can find. That cocky and arrogant smile must mean that this marketer can do magic for your business, right? Well, not exactly. You need to find a marketing team that understands the culture of your business. There is no skill worth losing your culture for. Your company’s culture is what your customers will remember about you. Losing that means also losing a portion of your clientele.