When people visit your website, they naturally gravitate towards the colors and the imagery of your Lakeland website design. More than the text and the quality of the content, they will first look at the images you showed of your products or services. Even when you are selling them information, you still need to upload a quality set of infographics that will explain your site’s purpose.

A Lakeland website design with jumbled content and low-quality images will find it hard to retain clients or even to be recommended by customers who have been satisfied with your products or services. The overall look of your website is heavily influenced by the imagery you use so always keep in mind that the harmonious blend of images, colors, and placement of content will be the clients’ standard.

Quality counts

Choose only high-quality images for your website though make sure they come in a small file size. Grainy photos can be an instant deal killer and visitors will likely navigate away from your website and look for a site that has better quality photos.

Be original

Internet users are photo-savvy. This means they will recognize a stock photo when they see one. These stock photos are generic and they offer no emotional connection between the product you are selling and the market you are selling to. There is nothing wrong with using a stock photo you downloaded from the web but be more discerning and choose better photos that will represent your brand better. If you can, always choose to hire a professional photographer so your photos will be original and better focused.

Feature “actors” who reflect your audience

If you are selling to the millennials, then your photos should include this generation. Obviously, you cannot use photos of old people or infants on a website that’s targeted for the younger generation. It just doesn’t add up. People want to see themselves reflected in the happy faces they see on your website.

Evoke an emotional response

When photographing actors with your products, make sure they are smiling and they look genuinely happy for your pictures in your Lakeland website design. People gravitate towards images that make them feel better. The images you will use in your website should have a positive effect and should evoke a favorable response to guide viewers towards making the ultimate decision of purchasing your products.

Post candid photos of your team

People love seeing the team working behind a company’s success. When they feel that they “know” your business and the people running it, they will be more inclined to purchase your product or service. You can also feature your top executive on your About Us page.