If you want to continually update your skills in Lakeland web design, you need to challenge yourself to try out new technologies and methodologies. It might make you uncomfortable at first, but these technologies are designed to be learned. They should not intimidate you at all. The best thing about challenging yourself is you can include these new designs in your portfolio and use them to attract more clients.

You can blog about these new methods and experiences, and advertise the skill set you have acquired while doing so. You can better understand this industry that you are a part of because you’re constantly engaging, changing, and adapting.

Try A New Layout Design

If you think your skills need a little updating, maybe you can try building a completely new layout for your website. Don’t try it on a client’s site because they may not like the experimentation. If possible, do it on your own site or build one that won’t go live anyway. You can try out a horizontally scrolling interface or a full-screen responsive background image with absolute positioning. It will allow you to try out a completely new CSS and techniques you have never tried before.

Change Your Usual Colors

If you’re safely comforted by your grays and earth tones, you may want to try something different such as a black-and-white color scheme or bright and bold colors. Those who usually go with pastels may want to use a dark layout for a change. Many web designers aren’t using enough contrast on their sites. Try to experiment and add more elements than you normally use.

Get Inspiration From A Complex Layout

Look, don’t copy someone else’s site. Nothing’s worse than that. But get inspirations from top designers and how they write the codes of their sites. Build it up from scratch and try to use the same elements that were used; ones you haven’t even tried tinkering with before. You don’t need a live site to try this out. Treat it as an HTML/CSS/JS exercise.

Use New Tools

How about trying new tools to write your code? You can go with Foundation or Bootstrap or some other framework. Instead of WordPress, why not try a completely different CMS. Learning a new framework and language may be difficult, but you’re only going to reap the rewards because of the new skills that you will learn.

There’s no reason why you should fear learning new things. They say that the only permanent thing in this world is change and that’s never truer than in Lakeland web design industry. Here, every year brings new challenges and trends. You have to cope with them.

The point is, do something different because it will help you grow as designers. Try to offer something new to your clients because they may like your innovativeness and your being a risk-taker.