Instagram is full of Lakeland marketing and promotional potentials. With over one billion active users (and new sign-ups every month), it’s hard for any business to survive this cutthroat industry without a presence on Instagram. Yes, news flash. Facebook alone won’t bring your brand to your market’s consciousness. You’ve got to learn how to use the ‘gram, too.

Set Up Your Account

Make sure that your account has all the information visitors need. It should have at the very least a short bio, memorable profile picture, and a link to your business’ website. These are the things that web visitors will look for when they click on your profile name. They want to know that you are the real deal.

Follow Industry-relevant Accounts

Check out the profiles of the who’s who in your industry. See which accounts they are following and follow those accounts, too. Engage with these accounts on their last few posts by liking and commenting. Your audience needs to know that you are legitimately part of the same industry that these people belong to.

Use Popular Hashtags

Many people use hashtags on their photos as a way to make it easier for their followers to find their posts. You can check out these pages and use the same hashtags for your posts. This will include you on the search results for when Instagram users search using these photos. You don’t have to use the hashtags at the same time, but you can list them down to be used in the future.

Get Shout Outs

Instagram is home to many popular influencers on the web. Try to connect with these influencers and get shout outs from them. You can grow your account’s followers from zero to 100,000 inn under six months by connecting with these brands. All they have to do is promote your profile, business, products, or services through their posts. Of course, unless you strike an x-deal, you’ll have to pay them for the post.

Share Posts

Experiment on Instagram about the number of posts you have to make in a week. Some businesses post rather regularly, doing at least one post a day. Some are more conservative, only posting three times a week. In the first few months, do a trial and error. Post every day for a month and then thrice a week in the next month. See which works better for your brand and Lakeland marketing campaigns.