Your competitors have already upgraded their Tampa web design. They made sure their designs will be on par with what their audience wants. How about you? Have you made the switch? Have you given your web design the same attention that your competitors gave theirs?

When you are a web manager or owner, there are a million things running through your head especially during this pandemic. How are you going to survive the outbreak? How is your design going to affect the way your audience interacts with your brand? Is it possible and practical to redesign your website now to attract more web visitors?

Check It Out Right Now

Give your website the attention it deserves by checking it out right now. Browse it from the perspective of web visitors, and not as a web owner. Take down notes. List the things that you want to change to make it better. Check the backend.

Are you maximizing the search engine optimization elements of your page? Each page should have a page title with the appropriate keyword. The pages should load quickly. The blogs, images, and videos should have metadata. Every nook and cranny of the website should be designed with SEO in mind.

Don’t Sweep the Pandemic Under the Rug

The problem with some web owners is that they don’t recognize the pandemic as a problem. Ignoring the importance of acknowledging the overwhelming health crisis around us is akin to not responding to what your audience needs. And what does your audience need? They want to hear about how you’re dealing with these challenges. They want to know if you’re taking care of your employees.

Today’s consumers have vastly changed from consumers of the past. They are now concerned about how companies are treating their employees and even the environment. They want sustainable production and manufacturing processes.

It matters to them if a company is doing its part in society. What is a company’s stand in many social issues? That’s the same with the coronavirus. Don’t ignore what’s happening, thinking it wouldn’t affect how your consumers see your organization.


If it’s time to redesign, it’s time to redesign. Don’t neglect your website’s needs. Although getting a new Tampa web design during the pandemic might be harder because there is less face-to-face interaction with your web designer, there are plenty of ways to collaborate on a project without needing to meet personally. Make sure to review all available options before you plan for a redesign.