A website’s appearance is not the only thing that matters to your web visitors. The professionalism that the Orlando web design reflects also attracts web visitors. It shows that your company can be trusted. It shows that the customers are dealing with a reputable business. The professionalism of a site increases conversion rates and reduces bounce rates. It satisfies your audience’s need to know that they are transacting with a reputable and legitimate company.

Culture Page

You can talk about your company’s approach to daily operations. You can also discuss the values and traditions of your company. This shows your web visitors that behind the marketing strategies and the advertisements, you have a mission and vision to follow. You aim to make these visions true and it should show in the way you operate. The culture page can talk about your company’s social corporate responsibility and the activities associated with the program.

Photos of Staff

It is also helpful to post photos of your staff and employees. You should show web visitors who the real people are working behind the company. It will also humanize your company. It will show that like them, regular people make a company such as yours run. It can also be a way to show your employees that you appreciate the hard work that they do.

You can show them images of your staff working on producing the items that they enjoy buying from your company. If you regularly send your staff to training and conferences, you should show photos of these, too. This also assures your customers that you are a thriving business.

Customer Results

Have you been receiving great feedback for your products and services? Share these with potential customers and web visitors. Your Orlando web design will look differently with feedback, recommendations, and reviews. You’ll immediately convert those potentials by just proving that your products are well worth their investment. Don’t settle for written testimonials. Video testimonials make the most impact on potential customers. Ask your past customers to send you a video of their testimonies. In exchange, you can give them discounts the next time they buy from your store.

Showing your company’s professionalism is just one way to attract customers to your site. There are many more you can do such as producing good content, posting eye-catching images, and using great layout and clear design. These are great ways to showcase your Orlando web design and bring more traffic to your website.