Yes, Lakeland marketing services can be quite expensive but it doesn’t always to be out of reach for startup companies. There’s a way out from those expensive packages usually being offered to you. If you team up with the right company, you will get the chance of marketing your brand at a fraction of the price that other agencies ask from you.

Always do research

Sometimes, the reason why you think you cannot afford a marketing team is because you’re looking at the wrong place or agency. Do a thorough research of companies offering marketing services in your area. Call them up and inquire about their prices. Ask them to send you quotations customized to your business’ needs. You should be getting a number of different price ranges and from there, you can choose the best one that will fit your budget.

Negotiate wisely

Once you have chosen the agencies you want to work with, you can start the negotiating process. You don’t always have to settle for the price quoted for you the first time. You can ask if there is still a chance the price can get lower and what you would have to do to get it. Sometimes, there’s an upcoming promotion that you can take advantage of to get a huge discount from the marketing firm. Let the agency know that you’re working with a small budget and see if they can take that into consideration.

Find your upper hand

What can you offer in return? Maybe you can score a huge discount if you can offer a service or a product in return? You know about an x-deal right? This is how it works: you get a service or a product in exchange for a service or a product from your company. There’s no cash involved in the transaction. In this situation, both sides will benefit because both will either render a service or exchange products. If this is the case, you’re in luck because you won’t have to write a cheque or dip into your business capital.

Play fairly

Do not ever hoodwink another company just to get what you want or what you think you deserve. Like your startup business, even the biggest marketing firm is just trying to survive an industry that is constantly changing. Play fair and ask for discounts if that’s what you want but never promise to pay the fee if you don’t think you’ll have the money once the project has been finalized and completed.