Web visitors will only give your Orlando web design about eight seconds to impress them. When they cannot find what they are looking for in those eight seconds, say goodbye to any chance of turning these casual visitors into loyal customers. Can you imagine how short eight seconds are? What can you do to capture your audience’s attention in that short period?

Here are some tactics on how you can maximize the time spent by your web visitors on your page:


A study was made to determine what works best for consumers: same-day or next-day shipping or free shipping. Want to know what won? Faster shipping. Customers are more willing to pay the shipping fee than wait two to three days for the products they ordered. This reflects how instant gratification affects the way you do business. So, when creating a marketing strategy, focus on sending out the products as fast as you can. That’s more important than anything you could come up with.

Bite-sized Information

Customers no longer want to read a lengthy article about why they need the products you’re selling. They don’t want to spend five minutes of their lives watching a marketing or promotional video. They want instant information. The only way to achieve that is to create bite-sized content. You need to get straight to the point. If you’re promoting a product, make sure to tell your customers why these products matter to them.

Aside from that, you need to make your content easily shareable on social media. Consumers don’t want to copy the link and paste it on their profile pages. They want a link they can click that will automatically share the content on their social media profiles.

Loading Time

We all know that an Orlando web design should load in under three seconds, but have you really thought about how to make sure it does? You need to render the images and pages so they are broken down into bite-sized data that can load quickly. You need to make a responsive website that will load on mobile devices. If your website is designed for bigger screens, it will take a long time to load on smartphones and tablets.


Make your website smart. Consumers want the sites they visit to know what they are looking for. They want the sites to recognize them upon landing on the page. Netflix, for example, uses analytics to display movies and TV shows that a particular user will love.

If you want to increase customer engagement on your Orlando web design, make sure to do these things. Although web trends come and go, instant gratification will be here for a long, long time.