When it comes to the traits that you bring to your Lakeland web design career, one thing that could easily be misconstrued as a good trait is the trait of being a perfectionist. After all, any employer would be more than happy to have an employee that is a perfectionist as this would be great for the quality of the work output. However, if you’re not careful, this can be fairly detrimental to the progress of your Lakeland web design career. Find out how being a perfectionist can be a bad thing here.

It can hinder your productivity

If you’re looking at things from a professional angle, perfectionism can hinder your productivity. The thing is, if you’re obsessed with making things the very best version of itself it can be, it’s easy to take up too much time trying to achieve that version to the point where your productivity will suffer.

It can tank your self-esteem

If you’re obsessed with perfectionism, you may find that it will be difficult for you to settle for anything else, even when it comes to your own performance. If you’re constantly focused on being perfect, eventually, you will not be good enough for yourself, which can hurt your self-esteem.

You lose touch with your loved ones

Being a perfectionist can take up a lot of your time and energy, which can easily cause you to lose touch with your friends and family. Because of your obsession with perfection, it can be very easy to isolate yourself from your loved ones, which will affect your mental well-being.

It can make you unhappy

With all of your focus on being perfect at work, you will eventually find that the bar for what you consider to be perfect will get higher and higher, which means that you have to put in more work just to meet that standard. Given enough time, you will find that meeting that standard of perfection is almost impossible, which will make you very unhappy. Couple that with isolation and low self-esteem, and you will be very unhappy.

It can hurt your physical health

A lot of people fail to realize how your mental health can affect your physical health, but this is something that you should be well-aware of. If your mental health continues to deteriorate as a result of your perfectionism, you will eventually find that it’s going to hurt your physical health as well.