Have you ever passed by a dilapidated store with an ugly window display and peeling exterior paint? How do you feel about entering that store? Wouldn’t you be surprised if you find a gem in that store? Are you going to be shocked if we tell you that the store has some amazing antique items that you can buy for a steal? That’s essentially how an Orlando web design works. This is the first thing that people will notice about your site. It is the window display of an eCommerce site. If it somehow looks outdated and rundown, people will feel that its owners don’t really care about their customers.

In business, perception is everything. We perceive that when we stay in a Disneyland hotel, everything is going to be like in the fairytales. We’re willing to pay hundreds of bucks per night on crappy hotel food and outdated furniture. But that’s okay. We’re staying in a Disney hotel. What could be cooler than that?

People will choose over and over again an aesthetically appealing store more than a rundown one. It’s the same thing for Orlando web design. They want your website to represent your brand well. If you use the logo of your business in your physical store and company stationery, then why don’t you use it on your Orlando web design?

The thing about having a great web design is that it gives people the perception that you are best at what you do. Having a professionally-done website shows off that you are an expert in this particular business or industry. Does it matter if you’re really good or if you are truly producing the best products/services? Hardly. The first thing that people will draw perception from is your website.

A great website will more likely gain more clients than those that don’t. The investment you’ll make on the design of a site will help connect your audience and your brand. For example, they usually see your icon plastered on your stores and printed/digital marketing materials. They associate this icon to how they perceive the products they have already tried from your company. When they see this same icon on your website, they’ll say “I’ve seen this before. This looks like a brand I can trust.”

A well-designed site helps make customers feel confident in your services. They will most likely reach out to you. This increases the chance of them trying out your products/services in the future and recommending them to their peers.