Clients are always concerned about when they need a revamp of their Lakeland web design. They haven’t even started exploring their current design and layout but they’re already acknowledging the fact that their sites need to keep up with the trends. The short answer is that most companies choose to revise their web design every three to four years. The longer answer is that doing a revamp of your site depends on a variety of factors, including your financial ability and the stability of your site’s current design and layout.

Did You Change Business?

Sure, you still have the same company name, but have you changed the products and services that you offer? This is a reason for you to have a redesign of your website. If the current design and layout do not fit your business anymore, it’s time to upgrade your site according to your present offers. Branding is super important both in e-commerce and in brick-and-mortar stores. Your brand should be plastered not only all over your store but on your website, too. If you are transitioning from a basic website to an e-commerce website, you need an overhaul of your current design.

Are There Too Many Trends You Don’t Have?

The current trend in web design is that it should be responsive to all devices and it should feature a minimalist design. If your website was created before these trends surfaced, it might be time to do a redesign. Your website needs to keep up with the trends particularly if, like with mobile responsiveness, it could affect your site’s ranking on search engines, as well as its attractiveness to web visitors.

Does It Load Slow?

A few years ago, Google made a change in its algorithm that completely revolutionized the way websites are designed. No longer should sites be well-designed with a clean layout and effective call-to-action buttons. Websites also need to load faster—like, in two seconds or less. While you can update certain elements of the site to speed it up a bit, it might be wiser for you to completely redesign it, especially if your site has been active for the past two to three years.

Are You Sick of It?

Are you too tired to see the same old design on your site? Do you believe your Lakeland web design needs a revamp? Sometimes, all it takes is to be honest to ourselves that not only are the websites not attractive to customers anymore, but they are also unappealing to us. When that happens, call a professional web designer immediately and have him draft a new design for your site.