How many hours does it take a web designer to complete one web page? How many days should a client wait before his website launches? The completion time of an Orlando web design depends on several factors, including the number of web pages, the complexity of the design, and the features that the web developer wants to include in the design.

It’s important to remember that web design is vastly different from web development and coding. Web design refers to the layout and design elements of a web page. It is composed of things like white space, grid layout, font style, font size, and color schemes. The coder or developer is the one who translates these into a language that the computer can understand. Often, people mix these two up, but it’s always important to make the distinction.

Average Time

What kind of web page do you need to be designed? Simple web pages will take at least eight hours to design and another eight hours to develop. That is why in most Orlando web design agencies, designers and developers can finish one web page a day. This means that if the client asked for a website with an about us, contact us, product, and testimonials pages, that will take at least 32 hours to finish.

Given that the workday is only eight hours, you will have to give the web designer at least four days to finish the design. That’s one page per day. However, that does not include the planning process. The designer will need to meet with you, as well as the developer, to come up with a comprehensive plan that will input the design elements and features that you want.

In total, a full website will take around 14 weeks to complete. That includes three weeks of discovery and research, six weeks of design, three weeks of initial development, and two weeks of modifications. It is not an easy feat, but most designers and developers will finish the website within the date specified in the contract.

This should give you an idea that Orlando web design is not something just anyone can do. It takes years of experience before a designer can have the skills necessary to complete a web page in eight hours. They also attend training and seminars to hone their skills and be better at their craft. So, if you are planning to have a website designed by professionals, make sure you can give them enough time to research and create the site.