The coronavirus pandemic has upended every aspect of everyone’s life. People are now more insecure than ever. A recent stress poll showed that Americans, in particular, have never been this stressed since 2007. Why are we not surprised? The outbreak left people fearing for their health and safety. There is nothing more stressful than that. Fortunately, things like Lakeland website design, graphics, animations, and emojis are making things better.

There are plenty of ways to cope with stress. There is no perfect formula. You can surround yourself with only positive things, thoughts, and people. That even includes safe and harmless things such as being conscious of the websites and social media profiles that you visit. When the interface of the website is a “safe space,” then you can continue browsing it.

How do we define what’s safe in design anymore? The coronavirus doesn’t directly impact the Lakeland website design, but it made designers very conscious about the themes, colors, images, and animations they use on the website. Everything should be made with the intention to calm people down, and not to agitate them. Finding this balance is tricky because people are easily triggered these days.

Light and Cute

Have you noticed how web designs lately are leaning toward a minimalist style of design? Designers are using light-colored images and cute animations to send the marketing message to the audience. The pandemic isn’t the reason for that. Designs have been leaning toward this kind of harmless-looking elements since before the outbreak.

However, the pandemic drove it further. Now, there are a lot of soft and rounded shapes 3D illustrations. On the internet, everything is light and cute. The most popular colors being used in today’s Lakeland website design are light pink and blue.

It is clear based on these design elements that the ongoing trend is to make things light and sweet on the world wide web. In reality, the world is chaotic. It is full of dark places and offensive remarks from people. The coronavirus has pushed designers to go sweet and friendly. Will these design elements last for a long time?

While it is not clear when things will be back to normal (or if they ever will), Lakeland website design remains to be one of the beacons of lightheartedness fun. At least in terms of design, people have complete control of what these elements mean and do to them.