What happens when your business enters into crisis mode? A customer suddenly has a complaint that you believe is valid and can hurt your business now and in the future. What’s the first thing you need to do? Go back to the drawing board. Draw up a plan within the day. Execute that plan in accordance with your Lakeland marketing strategies.

By Acknowledging the Problem

You have to acknowledge that there is indeed a problem. Write down what happened and let your customers know that you are working to bring a solution. The important thing is that the complainant knows that there is a recognition of what happened. If possible, provide a timeline so your customers understand what happened, when it happened, and the other circumstances that brought about the situation.

By Apologizing

The customer is always right. Repeat that mantra. But this does not mean you cannot come into your company’s defense. Even if you do, apologize to the customers for the inconvenience the situation puts them into. You should also apologize to the other customers who may feel distressed because of what happened. They may be worried about the quality of the products they bought from you. Apologize for the stress that the complaint brings.

By Offering an Alternative

Now that the problem has been recognized and you’ve made your apologies, it’s time to tell your customers what you intend to do about it. Offer an alternative to the product if they are going to return it. Make sure they will not be inconvenienced anymore by the loss of the product (if it has to be repaired or replaced). Offer a refund if the customer doesn’t want to repair or replace the item anymore. Always be willing to go to great lengths to appease a complainant.

By Promising to Do Better

Finally, you have to do better in the future. You have to assure your customers that this will be a learning lesson for your organization; that you will take this problem and learn from it. You can try making amends to your customers by showing some changes in the company policy and process so this won’t happen next time.

When you run a business, expect that trouble will always come in the form of complaints. Whether these are valid complaints or not doesn’t matter. Your main goal is to nip it in the bud. Don’t annoy your customers by arguing with them about the merits of the complaint. A good Lakeland marketing strategy is to use this situation to bring more positive attention to your company.