Holidays are always a time for businesses to give back to your loyal customers. While consumers are busy shopping for gifts and what-not and businesses should definitely take advantage of this consumerist behavior, you should also find ways how to give a little something back to your customers. Your Lakeland internet marketing will thank you profusely. Spreading holiday cheer to your customers will enable your marketing efforts to reach them better and speak to them directly.

Offer Discounts and Coupons to Your Loyal Customers

Now’s a good time as any to spread some holiday cheer. You can send discount codes and coupons to your most loyal customers. Simply check your year’s sales data and see who are your most loyal customers. Send them discount codes worth $5 to $50 each, depending on how much they spent on your shop. They can use these discount codes to purchase items from your shop. Of course, you need to set a minimum amount and you have to charge for shipping expenses, too.

Customers are willing to spend during this festive season, so make sure you’re maximizing the potentials of your business.

Send Out Holiday Cards

Isn’t it nice to be remembered? Show your customers you care about them and have been thinking about them by sending nice holiday cards. Just make sure that your particular customers are practicing the season of Christmas. Some groups don’t, so be very careful about sending everyone holiday cards. This is why customer segmentation is important. You have to know your customers. You need buyer personas to categorize them and segment them.

Revamp Your Website

Show your customers that you’re with them in the spirits of the holiday, too, as you redesign and revamp your website. When customers visit your website to browse new products, they’ll be entertained with the holiday elements of your site. Isn’t it merrier to browse around a website that’s been designed and developed for the holiday season?

Why would Google, for example, spend so much on “decorating” their websites depending on the season? It’s because web users love it. They invest money and time into giving their websites a makeover to make customers smile.

Spread cheer every way you can—by giving coupon codes, holiday cards, and redesigning your site. These Lakeland internet marketing strategies will make it very clear to your customers that you invest in things that’ll make them happy. In return, your store will be a part of their Christmas shopping list.