Choosing between a custom web design and a templated design is a decision you’re going to have to face when you start setting up your very own website. If you’re just starting out professionally, you may hear that the popular advice is to go with a templated design because you’re still starting out and a custom design is going to cost you way more. While this is true, you have to understand that despite costing more, a custom design is still extremely recommended, and with good reason. If this is something that you might be interested in, here are some ways that a custom web design is the better option for your website.

It’s tailored to your business

Of course, one of the primary benefits that a custom design can offer your website is the fact that it is tailored entirely to your business’ branding, which makes for a more consistent overall look. Customers appreciate consistency in a business, so this is definitely something that you can benefit from if you decide to go with the custom design option. Another reason why a custom design is so highly recommended is that it is entirely made from scratch all for you. This gives you a lot of control over your design at the beginning of the design process.

You start with a clean slate

Another reason why a custom design is so popular is that when you work with a custom design, you start off with a clean slate that you have full control over. If you work with a templated design, then you run the risk of having to work with messy and unfamiliar code, which might make it difficult for you to maneuver around and implement your own design into. But if you start off with a solid foundation of code and design that’s entirely made for you, then it makes it easier for you to work with.

It’s easy to scale

A custom web design comes highly recommended for websites that are planning to scale their businesses and websites further in the future. If you work with a templated design right off the bat, then you will find that later on, if you want to change your business’ branding or want to expand the number of products on your website, then having a website that you had designed specifically for you from scratch will make it easier for these changes to be implemented in the future. Having a templated design makes it harder to work these changes in because of the limitations that you have to deal with due to the template.