So what exactly are security seals on your Orlando web design? These seals are provided by your security provider to show customers and web visitors that their information is protected and encrypted. These seals ensure your customers that their information is protected from any hacking schemes.

Some examples of security seals are Norton Secured, McAfee, Verizon, Google Trusted, Comodo and more such logos. Web visitors always look for these security seals at the bottom of the homepage and all the other web pages on your website. Basically, what these seals tell your customers is that your website can be trusted and you have invested on your site to make sure that all the information shared between the two of you is protected.

You should make sure that all these signals and signs are present throughout the buyers’ journey so that they will be persuaded to make a purchase. When they know that the website is secured from any hacking scheme and then the information they provide there is encrypted, they will be more confident in their decision to purchase products from the store.

Being trusted by your customers will lead to higher conversion. If they are less threatened while browsing your site and transacting with your online store, they will most likely come back to your website and even recommend your eCommerce store to their family and friends.

Customers are right to be wary of transacting with online stores, especially ones that they haven’t transacted with before. You have all heard the horror stories of how cybercriminals steal personal and financial information for their own gain. Some of these criminals will use your information for themselves while others will sell it at the black market. When this happens, you will be left with all the consequences of the transactions that these cybercriminals have entered into. You will have to go through all the process of reporting lost and stolen credentials. You would have to apply for new credit cards, ATM cards, etc.

It’s a traumatic experience to lose these kinds of information to a stranger. You don’t know when authorities are going to knock on your door to question you about things you have no idea about. You lose sleep, time, and energy thinking about what you have gone through. Not to mention what a hassle it is to fix all these things again. This is what customers want to avoid. They become extra attentive to the security of the websites they visit because of the possibility of getting hacked. So, during the Orlando web design process, make sure that you install the security software and you display those security seals.