You might be aware that there are “common” people on social media sites like Facebook and Instagram who have thousands, if not millions, of followers. You wonder if these are all their friends and how do they manage to take the perfect picture, go to different parts of the world, and have the trendiest products on hand when it looks like they’re not doing anything. The answer is because these are the new breed of social media celebrities called the influencers and Lakeland internet marketing must use their influences on different markets for the good of a brand that they represent.

The importance of influencers in your Lakeland internet marketing strategy depends on your niche audience. Who are you selling to? What are they looking at when they browse the internet and their social media platforms? What influences them? Who do they follow? The first thing you need to map out before hiring an influencer for your internet marketing campaign is the lifestyle and the demographics of your target audience. You have to first know who they want to emulate and who inspires them before picking out the influencer who can persuade them to your brand.

For example, your product is an infinity bathtub for babies. The tub can be adjusted according to the baby’s height. It’s perfect for toddlers up to early teens. Obviously, you are marketing this product to mothers but not just any mothers, right? You need the millennial moms, the ones who constantly update their news feed with baby stuff and things about their babies. These are the ones who are not contented with the old-fashioned way of gearing up their children. They are constantly on their phones, checking out trendy baby products that they can purchase.

You don’t need an Instagram influencer who travels frequently and has tons of OOTDs. Who you need is also a mommy blogger who has an influence on your chosen niche—the new mothers. You need an influencer who has tons of ideas about breastfeeding, cloth diapering, natural potty training, and many more. These are the topics that this new breed of moms likes talking about. And don’t think they don’t have time to follow social media influencers just because they are constantly experimenting with different baby-gearing methods.

In this case, you can tap mommy bloggers who have a large following on social media. They can influence their followers to support your brand or follow, at least, your social media profiles and improve your Lakeland internet marketing.