We already established the fact that videos are good for your Lakeland website design. However, what we did not discuss is the impact of videos on the homepage of your website. Do you really need to invest in a video production that will be posted on the main page of your website? And we’re not even talking about simple video production here. The homepage video must be professionally edited. It is critical to the success of your website and therefore, your business.

It Sends A Message

The presence of video production on your homepage sends the right message to your target audience. What is that message? That you are innovative. That you are creative. That you think outside the box. You set yourself as different from all the other websites that the web visitor lands on.

You did not insult your visitors’ intelligence and creativity by posting a still photo or an embedded YouTube video. Instead, you produced something from scratch that talks about your business and introduces your products and services to the audience you hope to attract.

It Makes Google Notice

For so long, your website has been obscure to Google. The search engine’s algorithm barely noticed all of the updates you made in the past couple of years. Don’t be discouraged. Ranking first on Google’s search results is not an easy feat. Many bigger companies still fail to reach the top. It takes a lot of time, effort, and money to reach Google’s top results.

But with the video as your main arsenal, it’s only a matter of time before Google will notice your video. Above anything else, Google loves the idea of having a video on the homepage. It is generous with its brownie points to websites who made the effort of producing and posting a video on the homepage. Aside from the fact that the homepage creates a lot of traction from its target audience, Google also recently updated its algorithm to prioritize video search results.

It Expands The Market

Videos will be noticed by all generations—the Baby Boomers, the Millennials, and the Generation Z. You can expand your market by simply including a video on your Lakeland website design. Instead of coming off as a boring homepage, you’ll have the opportunity of being embraced by this new breed of the internet generation. And as always, since this is the same generation that has been consuming products left and right, it is good for the business.