If you’ve browsed a Lakeland website design or taken a look at an application recently, then you might have seen plenty of examples of icons being used in these websites and applications. We live in an age where visual cues are an integral part of our digital browsing experience, and using icons has helped with complementing that experience. When it comes to using icons, it’s very important that you learn how to use these properly, because while these are essential to a seamless browsing experience, there is such a thing as going overboard with your icons. To help you out, here are some ways that using icons can help your Lakeland website design and the right way to use this in your website.

Immediate recognition

The most significant benefit that people see when using icons for their web design is the fact that icons are easily recognizable, which makes the browsing experience more intuitive for users. This can go a long way when you’re creating a responsive web design, as you don’t have to worry about transferring words on to a smaller screen. Icons make it easier for users to understand how to easily navigate through a particular website.

How to use icons properly

However, there is such a thing as using icons incorrectly, as surprising as it might seem. The thing is, while icons do have the ability to make it easier for users to navigate through a website, there is still the potential for getting this wrong if not implemented correctly. Here are some simple tips to help you integrate icons into your web design properly.

Combine them with words

One reason why some users might have difficulty navigating with icons on a website is that while they are definitely intuitive, some icons might be hard to identify, especially if the user isn’t really familiar with your particular niche or industry. In order to eliminate this problem, you should combine your icons with short descriptive text that explains exactly what a particular icon does. Remember that these are meant to be very short, no longer than one or two words per icon. This helps users understand what a particular icon’s function is, which will help improve their browsing experience.

Use easily recognizable icons

Part of the reason why icons used in Lakeland website design are so successful is that they are immediately understood. With this in mind, make sure that you use icons that are universally recognized by a majority of people. This guarantees that users won’t have a problem with navigating through your website.