Most of the time, we are tempted to use any image on our websites even if the image doesn’t fit the message we are trying to tell our audience. You cannot use an image for the sake of using one. Although an Orlando web design without an image looks bare, that does not justify using one that does not complement the content of the website.

In a study, it was found out that web users ignore images that do not serve a purpose for them. This means that if the images you use on your web page do not complement the accompanying content (whether video or textual), web users will simply ignore the images. That defeats the purpose of having them on the page in the first place. What use would it be for them to occupy that space if web users will just ignore them?

This leads to the conclusion that when you are choosing what image to put on your website, you should choose the one that serves a bigger purpose for your site. Images posted on the website that do not serve any real purpose are instantly ignored. If their sole purpose is just to fill up the white space, then that’s how web visitors are going to treat these images—a distraction. So, how can you determine whether the image is useful or not?

What Is the Benefit of Using This Image?

Before posting the image on your web page, you need to identify and determine the benefits that the image will bring to your website. Does it show off your product or service? Does it make the web visitors better understand what your brand can do for them? Every Orlando web design element on your page should contribute to a better understanding of your brand. If the image cannot do that, find a better one.

Does the Image Help the User Understand Your Message?

Aside from showing off your product, does the image help a casual web visitor understand the point that you are trying to make? If you are discussing the impact of climate change on your web page, what kind of images should be posted on that page? If you are talking about the sustainability practices of your company, then use images that will complement that message.

Does the Image Have an Emotional Appeal?

When your target audience sees the image, how do they feel about it? Will it evoke emotions from them? Will they feel that they need that product in their lives? Will it help them realize how beneficial it is to buy the product from you?

Make sure that your Orlando web design also helps in selling your brand. The goal of a website is not merely to be a front on the world wide web. It should complement all your marketing, advertising, and sales efforts.