The influx of customers to your eCommerce site or to your website is heavily influenced by the Lakeland website design. If the web design is inviting and it makes for a seamless and almost-perfect experience, customers are more likely to stay and browse through the different information available on your website. Think of it this way: your website is your main product. When people buy your products, you want to impress them and you want them to recommend your business to their network—their friends and their families.

Aside from earning a profit, another goal of a website is to earn a customer’s trust enough that he would recommend your site to his network, that he would share a link to your website on his social media platforms. But to achieve these goals, you have to think about what you are presenting to your market. The first thing that they will see is your company’s website.

There are two ways that your company’s website can attract and retain customers. One, if your website is composed of an eCommerce website, this will make it easy to attract customers because they can make the purchase and finish the transactions in the website itself. Second, if you only have a general website that aims to spread information about the company, you have to catch the attention of your customers so they will visit your brick-and-mortar shop.

Which do you think will benefit your website better? Whether you run an eCommerce website or a general website, what matters is that you focus on the design and the layout of your website. At the end of the day, your customers will stay and go back depending on the experience they had their first visit to your website. When planning the design of your website, think of these two things: white space and responsive design.


Have you ever visited a website that is too cluttered? Don’t you feel suffocated, like there’s no breathing room for the contents to move around? It does not necessarily have to be literally a white space. What matters is that whatever color scheme or motif you use on your Lakeland website design, you will leave enough space for the content to “breathe” and for the readers’ eyes to rest. Too many words, images, graphics, and animations can be exhausting to the eyes.

Responsive design

Your website cannot be successful today if it is not responsive to all devices such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets. A larger number of internet users are now checking websites through their smartphones, which are more accessible wherever they may be or whatever they may be doing.