If you think you have maxed out your present marketing potentials in your current market, then you need to venture out to other audiences, industries, and platforms. You might already be doing it but isn’t aware of its impact on your Lakeland internet marketing efforts. It’s called cross-promotion and companies big or small do it all the time.

Technically, the goal of cross-promotion is to expand your marketing techniques’ reach. It aims to bring awareness to your brand from other markets. It can be two ways: for your company to use a different platform than the one it is used to or for it to promote through other companies, venturing out to new markets.

Collaboration With Other Businesses

Do you know of a business that regularly uses your products and services? Perhaps, you can strike a deal with them. They can advertise your products on their marketing platforms and in turn, you can provide them with some free products that they can use or give away to their customers. You see it all the time in many brands.

McDonald’s Happy Meal regularly partners with other businesses and blockbuster movies. They give away toys based on the characters of the business or the movie. This way, the two companies are winning. McDonald’s can provide free stuff to their customers while their partners promote their products through this popular fast-food chain. It’s a win-win situation.

Partner With Social Media Influencers

We have come to a point where social media have such a huge influence on the market that we depend on its popular personalities for the purchase decision. Admit it, you normally become intrigued about a brand once you hear that an influencer is using it. You check it out, buy the products, and try them on. The only thing left for the product to do is to provide quality materials and functionality.

So why are you so afraid to collaborate with influencers? They are the new celebrities. Some people know them better than B-list artists in Hollywood. These influencers have a massive following on social media. A mention of your brand will drive traffic to your website and social media accounts. Find local influencers who have a huge following from your target market.

Cross-promotion used to be a Lakeland internet marketing strategy for big businesses. They are better equipped, after all, to collaborate with other businesses because they are well-known brands. Today, anything is possible with the internet and social media. Just first do your research and you’ll have plenty of opportunities to grow your business.