We’ve heard a lot of praises about content marketing but the truth is, it’s hard to contextualize what it means when it comes to the purchasing power of our target market. How can one blog post persuade a customer to buy a product or subscribe to a service? It’s all about quantity, in the beginning. When there is a lot of valuable information in your website, customers are bound to come in droves.

When they search for a specific topic on Google and find your website on top of the search results or even on the first page of the results, you will more likely have a better chance of getting clicked. The main goal of content marketing is first and foremost, to be noticed. Before content can be chewed on, the ideas espoused accepted and embraced, the customers must first reach that website.

If your website’s link does not appear on Google’s first page, it is highly likely that you are not doing your job in providing useful and valuable content. Your target market will miss their supposed “landing” and you will not be able to provide them with the kind of information that can influence their decision to purchase from your business.

Moreover, having a lot of content on your website only means one thing: your target customers will spend more time browsing your website and reading the blog posts you have there. Just as long as you keep them interested in your content, they will likely stick around, giving you more chance to sell a product, a service, an idea, or advocacy.

You must give your customers more reasons to stick around because it gives you plenty of opportunities to make a sale or to influence their purchase decisions. And even if they don’t purchase anything right away, staying on your website makes them more familiar with your brand. While reading through your blog posts and watching your marketing videos, you can also slowly develop the trust between you and the customers. This will then lead to higher conversion rates.

When building your website, remember that one of your goals is to make your target market stay a bit longer there. It’s always a good thing for your clients to stay in your site, browse through the gallery, read the blog posts, and flip through the product catalog. By the end of the process, if you have provided valuable content, they would have made a decision to support or recommend your business.