The business of e-commerce is forever evolving. It seems that it hasn’t stopped growing since it was first introduced back in 1982. The concept of e-commerce now, of course, is drastically different from almost 40 years ago, but the principles remain almost the same—customer experience, Orlando web design, and load speeds.

Site Load Speeds

Sure, load speed was not even a thing back then. You were lucky if you get to open a web page in five minutes during that time. However, as technology improves and years went by, the site’s loading speed has become the most important element of Orlando web design. Forget about being the best-designed website on the face of the internet. If no one is willing to wait for your site to load—and no one wants to wait more than five seconds for a page to load—then all your web design efforts will be for nothing.

When working with your web designer, be clear that loading speed is your priority. You can use a speed test tool to monitor the average time it takes for your web page to load.

Mobile Access

How does your website look on mobile? Over the years, people began accessing the web through their phones than through their laptops and desktop computers. Right now, more than 86% of web users access the internet via their mobile devices—phones and tablets. If your web page is bleeding on the sides of the screen, that will discourage web visitors from browsing past your homepage. When you build an e-commerce website, it must be optimized for the web. Otherwise, you will lose a lot of customers.

Landing Page

A landing page is a web page devoted to a single service or product. You can link your ads to the landing page. The goal of the landing page is to persuade the web visitor to take action—subscribe, call, inquire, share, and sign up. It is intentionally designed to convert a customer. Many businesses are failing at creating a landing page because it’s a lot of work. However, landing pages are the most effective complement to a call-to-action strategy.

Abandoned Shopping Carts

Another strategy to ready your Orlando web design for changing trends is to focus on abandoned shopping carts. What are the reasons why your customers are abandoning their carts? Is there something wrong with the design? Are they finding the shipping fee too much? Great design, however, can solve a lot of these problems since you can reach out to your customers.