When mathematician Alan Turing first invented the intelligent machine that was able to decode the Nazi’s secret Enigma code, few realized the impact it would make in Orlando web design. Considered to be the father of the modern computer, Turing created a code and a formula that would pave way for artificial intelligence and the way we use it right now.

Since the explosion of the internet, companies began using artificial intelligence in online banking, retail shopping, marketing, medical technology, and self-driving cars. Today, machines are used to analyze a massive amount of data in ways which humans couldn’t even do. The ability of machines to collect data is already surpassing that of humans.

How does this affect Orlando web design?

Designing Websites from Scratch

If you need to have a website designed, you don’t need to specifically hire a web designer because some templates and tools will allow you to choose the options. Through these tools, you only need to answer specific questions for the program to come up with the right design and layout. Most of the elements are customizable though if you want a truly personalized experience for your visitors, you would need to work with a professional.

Enhancing Customer Experience

Artificial intelligence isn’t just changing the way websites are designed. It is also enhancing the experience of web visitors as they browse the website. The reason why chatbots exist is because of artificial intelligence. In the past, conversing with chatbots are repetitive, frustrating, and robotic. But that’s now how it is now. More sophisticated AI-powered programs use natural language processing (NLP) to have a more natural and authentic conversation with customers.

This shows an increasing shift that websites are now more customer-focused. This means that they are more concerned about attracting customers than getting the message out. Thanks to chatbots, customers can now leave feedback, ask for help, and inquire about products and services.

Analyzing Results

Do you know-how tools and programs analyze SEO results to make your website rank higher on search engines? AI made that possible. By crunching down big data into figures that can be easily understood, web designers and managers can make an Orlando web design that will empower companies and businesses. Through these numbers, companies can understand what customers want, what they enjoy, and how to attract and accommodate more customers.