We all know that content marketing is the most powerful digital tool to bring clients and customers to your business. Once their interests are piqued, they can immediately turn from curious bystanders on the web to actual paying clients. However, when it comes to developing your strategy, it is difficult to decide which type of content marketing you want and need to use for your business.

Here are the top-performing types of content marketing that can deliver fast results to engage your leads and boost sales:


Blogging remains to be the most popular type of content marketing for small (and sometimes, even big) businesses. Blogs use SEO to the maximum and they use SEO to drive traffic to their websites from search engines. This supplements any type of advertising because people are actually going to your site to read your blogs. You don’t need to “sell” your blogs to them. When Google recognizes your website as the “lead” or “authority” in your industry, you are going to get a lot of organic traffic.


If you want to continue being relevant and competitive in the marketing industry, you have to utilize every tool you have at your disposal. One such tool is the video. This will grab the attention of your target market and immediately engage them. Consumers today are viewing more videos than they ever did before. This makes videos one of the best types of content marketing for its ability to reach and engage targeted consumers.


Though blogs remain to be the most popular and effective way of content marketing, we all know that most people have a very short attention span which means they are more likely to look at photos and videos and, well, infographics rather than read a whole blog post. That’s why we have infographics here. It provides the same relevant information found on most blogs but through photos, graphs, and charts. This helps people better understand the concept and ideas through visualization of the statistics.

Case studies

This is another valuable type of content marketing. Basically, these are customer stories that illustrate how business has helped a client or a customer become successful. Many businesses use case studies to emphasize the importance of their products or services. For consumers, they love and relate more to case studies because these help them better understand why the products or services are valuable to their lives. A real-life example with real-life impacts is often the best way to persuade customers to buy into your business.