Have you ever tried tutoring your parents or your grandparents about browsing through a website or using social media or even their own smartphones? The experience will make you appreciate well-laid-out Lakeland web design, as well as social media apps that support the largest font size possible on a smartphone. It is not the easiest thing to do—telling your parents that they have to go to a particular website to check the sack of organic fertilizer they are eyeing for their garden. Your parents would probably look at you in wonder, silently asking what a website has got to do with their need for organic soil.

But that’s the truth: we need the internet and we need to visit company websites all the time to check on whatever it is we need to know, buy, support, and subscribe to. That is why there is an essentiality for web designers to make sure that the websites they are designing are user-friendly to people who are technologically challenged.

Ease of navigation

What a website needs for the older people to have an easy time with it is to make the navigation, well, easy. The buttons leading to each of the webpages must be easy to see and click on. The accessibility of the website should not be a problem and visitors should easily find what they need to click if they want to visit a certain part of your website. If your web visitor wants to find your blog posts, there should be a button linking to that. If they want to buy your products, it should be easy for them to find their carts and sign up for memberships, too.

Larger texts and buttons

The problem that most people have with some websites is that they are not optimized for people who have difficulty in seeing smaller texts and images. Make sure that when your visitors zoom in on their screen, your texts and other content won’t get lost or won’t “fall” on the sides of the screen. If your website is optimized to support larger texts, images, and buttons, older people won’t have a problem browsing through it.


You need to be direct with what you want your website to convey as its message. If you want to sell a product or a service, you should tell your visitors that the moment they enter your website. Don’t bombard them with information and then later on, reveal what you really want—which is for them to part way with their hard-earned money.