Lakeland web designThe Lakeland web design trends are changing rapidly and that means many websites, including that of a Church website, may find it hard to keep up with it. What are you going to do, after all? Have your web design changed every year? Not only does that take a lot of money, but it also requires a lot of energy and resources.


You can get creative, however, and try to incorporate timeless web design trends into one coherent and elegant website for your Church.


Rich animations


Static websites are such a bore. Because of this monotony, we remember less of what we see and read from the websites we visit. There is a need to implement animations in Church websites, not only because it looks good but because it will attract many visitors, too. The website should be able to provide great user experience and it is adding animations that can create that engagement.


Big typography


There is a growing attention and need for content. That’s why text plays a great role on the design of a website. The benefit of using this design element is that the designer can manipulate the size and the color of the font faces thereby, allowing for more options. Designers can even reintroduce a specific font design, color, and size for mobile devices as opposed for websites optimized for personal computers and laptops.




We all know videos are more beneficial for a website, but the perennial problem is that mobile devices couldn’t play these embedded videos. This isn’t the case anymore because the internet speed is better these days and mobile devices are as good, if not better than, as laptops and personal computers. You can incorporate these videos on your homepage. Maybe an interview with a churchgoer or with your priest could attract more visitors to the website.


Unconventional layouts


Try to think outside the box. What would your visitors want to see? The most popular columnar layouts probably won’t work anymore as they have been around for ages. Your site has to be interesting enough to gather the right audience. A Church website may look and sound boring at first, but you can turn it into an amazing one by using elements and trends that work well with the message.


Contemporary website design is the way to go if you want to bring your Church website forward. You have to use techniques and strategies that will help your site achieve its goals.