If you ask different people on their opinion on using stock photos in their web design, you’ll find that everybody has different opinions. Some will say that using stock photography in a web design is ineffective because it gives off an impersonal impression to your users, which makes it difficult for you to connect with them. Other will say that using stock photos is perfectly fine, especially since it saves you a lot of money on hiring a professional photographer to take photos for your website.
The truth is, it’s true that using stock photos can give off the wrong impression, especially if you choose the wrong type of photos. Using a stock photo of a diverse, professionally-dressed, smiling group of people seated around your table to represent your business is the wrong way to use stock photos. This is one of the situations where using your own photographs would make more of an impact. When using stock photography properly in your web design, the most important thing to keep in mind is to use the right stock photos.
Stock photos are high quality photos that can comprise of practically any subject matter, which makes it an affordable option for those who need good photos, but don’t have the budget to pay for a professional photographer. When used properly, stock photos can elevate your web design to another level, giving off a clean, professional look that users will appreciate.
When choosing stock photos, it’s very important that you choose images that fit your branding and the style of your website. Remember, these photos are meant to complement and enhance your web design, so they’re meant to fit in. This is especially true for stock photo websites where you pay for access to their photos. It would be a shame to pay for a photo that doesn’t mesh well with the rest of your design. Take the time to evaluate the photos and see if they’ll work well with your website, no matter how nice they look.
In addition to that, make sure that you’re aware of the legal stuff that goes on when using stock photos. Some stock photos are licensed, which means that you’ll have to give credit to the photographer every time you use that photo. Others don’t allow edits to be made to the photos. Some photos cannot be used for commercial purposes. Make sure you read through all the terms and conditions when you buy a stock photo for your site in order to avoid any legal repercussions.
When you have your collection of stock photos for your site, make sure you make the necessary changes to fully utilize it for your web design. Make sure your images are optimized for SEO, and make any images to fit the style and color scheme of your site.