If you’ve joined in the Lakeland web design industry only recently, you may be hearing a lot of “responsive design” being incorporated into a design. Responsive web design means designing your website to easily adapt to different sized screens. So no matter what platform you’re accessing your website on, whether it’s desktop, mobile, or tablet, a responsive web design guarantees that there will be no difficulties on the users’ end to access and navigate through your website. With the rise in mobile users today, more and more websites are implementing responsive designs to accommodate these users. To help you out, here are some tips that can help guarantee a responsive Lakeland web design.

Understand the limitations of mobile

It might be a bit of a shift in mindset when designing for mobile when you’re so used to designing for desktop. If this is your first time designing for mobile, always consider the limitations that mobile has. You cannot implement the same design rules for mobile as you would for the desktop. Don’t make your designs too complicated and make sure that navigation is intuitive. Research more about how mobile users interact with websites and incorporate that into your design.

Don’t overcomplicate your buttons

Mobile is purely tactile, so if you’re looking to implement a call-to-action on your website, you’re going to have to learn how to design your buttons properly. Make sure that your buttons are designed to be large enough for mobile users to easily tap on without any difficulties on their part. Like with other aspects of your web design, don’t make your buttons too complicated.

When starting a new web design, design with mobile in mind

The easiest way to guarantee a responsive web design for your web design is by starting out your design with mobile in mind beforehand. It’s much easier to design a mobile responsive design from scratch rather than changing your current desktop design to be more mobile responsive. Since mobile has become a priority for many websites nowadays, designing with mobile in mind has become the standard today.

Don’t waste space

It’s important to remember that on a mobile device, you have very limited space to work with, so with this in mind, you should always remember not to waste space, whether it’s in your Lakeland web design elements, or in the content that you put on your website. Don’t waste words on content that only exists to fill out the articles, every single word should be chosen to drive the purpose of providing the information that the user is looking for.