A Lakeland website design can play a larger role in the overall impact of your website than you initially would have expected. The thing about web design is that you never really notice it when it’s done well, but if it’s not done well, then you really do notice it. Your website design is your website’s face and personality, not to mention the aspect of your website that users and customers are going to see first and interact with the most.

Because of all of these reasons, it’s important that you make your Lakeland website design as intuitive and visually appealing as possible. To help make the most out of your Lakeland website design, here are some tips that can help enhance the overall impact of your website on audiences.

Keep your design simple

A simple design can make more of an impact than a complicated one. Simple web designs are more likely to get their point across easier and faster than fancy, complicated web design. Not only is a simple web design easier to maneuver and understand, but minimalist web design is one of the most prominent web design trends in the industry today. Simple web design is more timeless and easier to maintain to help keep up with current web design trends.


Consistency is always a desirable trait in a website and a business. In the same way that customers are more likely to trust a company that keeps a level of consistency in what they promise and their business practices, online users are more likely to trust a website that maintains consistency among their web pages. Everything from your color palette, your font choices, and even your website copy should be kept consistent throughout your entire web design.

Intuitive navigation

User experience is crucial to your website’s impact because this is how users interact with your website, and if your website’s UX isn’t an intuitive one, then users will definitely view your website in a negative light. This is where simpler web design is significantly beneficial to your website. The more simple and minimalist your Lakeland website design is, the more intuitive it is likely to be for your users.

Responsive design

We live in an age where mobile technology is quickly becoming the go-to for most consumers. More than half of online users make use of online services through a mobile device, and if you want your website to be accessible to these users, then you have to make sure that your Lakeland website design is a responsive one.