The concept of going viral is something that plenty of content marketing professionals try to aim for when putting together their content. However, is going viral something you can actually manufacture on your own? As far as online users are concerned, viral content is something that happens organically and isn’t the product of some marketing professional pulling the strings and toying with people’s emotions to help make the content go viral.

However, as the concept of going viral has been a part of the online world for the past few years, more and more content marketing professionals are starting to clue in on what aspects of a certain piece of content help it go viral. This article cannot guarantee that your content will go viral, but it can help with boosting your chances of helping it go viral. Here are some things that you can do to boost your content to help it go viral.

Surprise people

One way to help boost your content’s chances of going viral, you have to create content that goes against the grain of what people expect from online content. Sparking people’s interest by covering controversial topics or introducing information that surprises people. However, make sure that when you’re creating content that covers these topics, do your research and make sure that your content is factual. Do not create controversial content for the sake of clicks and traffic.

Make use of online trends

If you want to create viral content, look into using online trends to help make your content more appealing to audiences. Users are more likely to share content that they find more interesting and relatable, so online trends are a good way to leverage that.

Use people’s emotions

A common factor among the viral content that you see online is that they tend to cover topics that tug at people’s emotions. Whether it’s a very funny video of an animal doing something funny, or a heartwarming story of long-lost family members somehow accidentally finding each other, these stories have one thing in common: they spark a strong emotion in people. It can be happiness, sadness, or anger, but content that makes people feel strongly about something is more likely to be shared.

Make sure that your content is entertaining

Always make sure that your content is entertaining if you want to make your content go viral. More people are more likely to share your content to help it go viral if your content is more entertaining. Work with a professional company if you’re thinking of creating content. For example, if you want entertaining video content, then hire a professional video production company to help guarantee the quality of your content.