The Lakeland internet marketing trends in 2021 are looking confusing and realistic at the same time. The two overarching themes of digital marketing are as follows: first, the campaign needs to be humane, personal, and tailored to address real issues, and second, it needs to be technically perfect with a fine-tuned search engine optimization that targets specific markets. Whether or not you agree with these assessments, these will be what dominate the digital marketing trends in 2021 and beyond.


In the past two years, we have seen how people respond well to inclusive campaigns. They want stories and campaigns that center on race, sexuality, religion, and physical and learning disabilities. These sectors need to be represented well in the media, which to some extent, includes marketing and advertising. The more you try to include different sectors in your campaigns, the more your customers will want to engage with you as a business.

Featured Snippets and No-click Searches

Featured snippets have a long been coveted position on social media. However, it will not be until 2021 when featured snippets will be the primary goal of every website. It is position zero, after all. It is separated by a box above the search results and its attempt to answer the query without clicking on the link gave it the nickname no-click search.


What are the impacts of your business on the environment? Next year is going to be different because consumers are going to be more conscious about the effect of their purchases on the environment. Like inclusivity, sustainability is an advocacy that consumers will look for in a business. They will want to make sure that the brands they are supporting care about the environment as much as they do.

Ad Blockers

One of the main challenges of Lakeland internet marketing today and in 2021 is the ad blockers. Do not waste time trying to change your customers’ preferences. Instead, use other types of marketing such as influencer marketing, social media marketing, sponsored content, etc. Consumers don’t respond well to pay-per-click ads anyway, but they do like sponsored content for some reason.

Visual Searches

You already know you can search on Google using actual photos and videos, right? This feature will change the way consumers search for information. You need to capitalize on visual searches. This means that your images must always have alt text and you must add images to your sitemap. Including target keywords in the file name of the image or video will also help Google index these images and videos.

There will be a lot more changes in Lakeland internet marketing than what was mentioned here. The point of these radical changes is to shake up the marketing industry.