Do you know that user-generated content can bring your Tampa web design to new heights? Are you aware that this kind of content may be what’s missing from your website and the reason why it isn’t as successful as other sites? Whether you’re a global business or a local one, your website and business will benefit from user-generated content. When these are reposted on your website, they make for better content than the ones you generate yourself.

Why is that? Your target market trusts actual customers. They want to listen to your past customers and not on your marketing campaigns. No matter what kind of promotional materials you try to generate, nothing beats a positive review from a loyal customer.

So, how can you persuade customers to create content using the products and services that you’re selling? You don’t need to “force” them into writing a good review. Providing products with the best quality is enough for them to leave a glowing review on your website or social media page.

Audit Existing User-generated Content

Believe it or not, but there is existing user-generated content on the web. Search for your company’s name or your product’s name. There’s bound to be something on the internet about your products and services. When you see a review that reflects your company’s values, contact the customer and ask if you can reuse the post on your website.

If there’s a blog about how the product made life easier for a former customer, repost that, too. Your target market needs to know that your products work and that they are as functional as you claim them to be.

Make the Hashtags About Them

Create a selfless hashtag. It shouldn’t be about your Tampa web design brand. Sure, your customers will use your brand’s name on their post, but create a hashtag solely about them. It will help bring the focus back to your fans. Remember that your brand should be about them. They need to feel that doing business with your brand will reward them by becoming part of the community.

Add Signages in Your Store

Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? Don’t alienate customers who took the time to go to your actual store. Post a sign there so they know what hashtag to use when they post about their experience shopping there. You should also make sure they follow you on social media. Put your profile names on the receipts, shopping bags, business cards, and many more.